From Farm to Table

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You might have already noticed the ‘From farm to table’ stamp on some of our posts and we’ve had people ask us ‘what does that mean?’.

From Farm to Table, at RUBS we only believe in fresh

Farm to table means we work closely with our local distributors to receive the best cuts of meat and the freshest produce daily. At Rubs, it’s always fresh, never frozen.

We don’t have a freezer or a microwave at any of our two locations! When you sit down for a meal at Rubs, you can be assured that you will never receive anything that’s ever been frozen and, unlike some of our competitors, your meal will never, ever be ‘nuked’…our dedicated, expert Pitmasters would never allow it.

And, unlike some other restaurants, we never use liquid smoke. We smoke our meat low and slow for hours, using only 100% Quebec sweet maple wood.


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